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Post by Estalu on Tue Aug 11, 2009 2:46 pm

~The Story~

In the land of Nemeses, there are five counties: Tirips, Erif, Ria, Trae, and Retaw. These counties all have special people in them. These people have special powers. They have been named Master and Mistress. Each Master/Mistress has an element. The Tiripsis has the power to speak to and control spirits. The Erifis has the power to use fire to do their bidding. The Riais has the power to minipulate air. The Traeis has the power to bend the earth. The Retawis has the power to make beautiful creations of water. There is a last Master/Mistress who is wandering in high hopes of being discovered. She/He posesses the power of using all of the powers that the other Masters/Mistresses possess.


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