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Another Part of Me

Post by CyanideButterfly on Wed Aug 12, 2009 4:34 pm

Name: Nova Skylynne Adamantis

Nickname:(s)Super Nova, Nova Scotia (She hates them all)

Age: 17

Gender: female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Height: 5'8''


Eye Color:Left eye is blue right eye is green

Hair Color:black

Ethnicity: French

Occupation:Cafe Waitress

Personality: Nova is very talkative as well and likes to meet new people. She holds no predigest towards anyone but will atttack if she is attacked upon first and usually likes everyone that she comes across unless they give her some sort of reason not to like them. Even them she is cordiale towards them unless she hates them and in her seventeen years of living she only hates two people as of the moment. Her Father for what he did to her sister and her mother and a boy she met when she was five. It was then that she witnessed him drown a kitten before she ran away screaming in tears. It had traumatized her sense. It is a little hard to get Nova riled up to the point where she explodes because she just holds everything in but once she goes off on someone she lets her emotions get the better of her and…well most people end up walking or running in the other direction hoping her anger won’t be turned on them. Most of the time she is a very happy go lucky person and the only time her mood changes is when her someone talks about her sister or father. She is claustrophobic because of things that happened when she was younger and she is deathly afraid of elevators as well. Not only are they small they can drop.

History: Nova was born to a drunkard father and an Egyptologist Mother who was often away studying artifacts in museums and sometimes had to travel to Egypt to look at things though that had slowed down after the birth of her twin daughters star and Nova.Her father who was clearly an alcoholic was an old professional ball player who was long out of the league because of a wrist injury it was because of this he became an alcoholic. Left to take care of the girls every now and then he soon did terrible things to Star who protected Nova from it by shoving her into a little cupboard in the back of their closet always taking it full on herself. It wasn't until the girl became pregnant at the age of thirteen and died in labor along with the baby that Nova spoke up about what had been happening and her mother, in a traumatized state divorced, and had her father sent to jail for life. For three months her mother was sent to a mental ward because of it and Nova lived with her Aunt going to counseling every day of the week for a year. After she turned 15 things got better and both she and her mother stopped going to counseling. Her mother resumed her job though her Aunt didn't move out of the house. Nova doesn't speak about her sister or her father to anyone as it is a very touchy subject to her. She has blocked the memories though she sometimes has night terrors about it that send her into a near catatonic state that can last for a couple of hours. Sense then though her mother has been slowly going back to her normal self along with Nova.

Apparal: Nova is usually wearing various colors of blue or green corset type tops with either pinstripe pants or short skirts.

Peircings/Tattoos:She has four peircings. One in her navel, one in her tongue, and two in her lip a 'spider bite' which is two peircings together on her bottom lip on the left side. She also has two silver outlines of a star on the inside of each wrist.
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