~Nemeses~ Part One

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~Nemeses~ Part One

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Part One

“Hello?” A Young voice said. “Down here!” A little girl who was about twelve years old smiled at an old man. “My name is Exreti. They told me to come to you, the elders in my village of Trae. I’m the Mistress from there. They tell me I’m the youngest of them all.”
Antrio nodded his head at Exreti. “I sensed that you would come soon.” The man smiled warmly. His long, soft beard flowed right by Exreti’s head. Exreti was definitely short for her age. Antrio wondered how she made it to his home. “Welcome to my home. We just made cocoa, would you like some?”
“Oh, yes!” Exreti said in delight. “Very much!”
Exreti entered the cozy house. There were three people sitting in the living room. One elderly woman and two teenagers. The boy looked to be elder than the girl. The woman stood weakly and hugged Exreti with her cold body.
“Welcome dear, the others just got here earlier this day.” The cracked voice wheezed. “Meet Tespin and Lily.”
“Hello Tespin!” Exreti grinned. “You must be… the Riais!”
“Yes, very good!” Tespin laughed. “Regenate, Exreti is here!”
A man came into the room. He looked like he was in his early twenties. He had a scruffy, short beard and grey, sad eyes.
“Kids!” Lanistica said. ‘I want you all to sit and I will explain all this madness. It appears that the most informed is the young Exreti.” Everyone sat down and stared at Lanistica. “My name is Lanistica and I come from the land of Tirips. The land of the spirit people. I am the Mistress from that land. Antrio is from Erif, the land of the fire people.” Lanistica nodded at the elderly man. “He is 1,085-”
“If he is 1,085, than how old are you?” Tespin questioned. It was true that Lanistica looked older than Antrio and Antrio looked old enough that no one could surpass his age.
“She is 1,657.” Lily smiled to the Mistress.
“Thank you Lily.” Lanistica nodded at the girl. “Lily is the only one in this room who is not a Master or Mistress. She is just a normal orphan and I am like her grandmother. She had been in my care for 14 years. She is 15. Regenate is 23 and is from Retaw, the land of the water people.” She nodded at the scruffy, tired looking man. “Tespin is 19 and a sexy hunk-I mean and he is from Rai, the people of the air.” Lanistica raised an eyebrow at the cute teenager boy. “Then there is the newest member of us all, Exreti, the Mistress from Trae, the land of the people of the earth.” Lanistica looked lovingly at the little girl. “Speak amongst yourselves!”
Lanistica left to the kitchen and began baking cookies while the reat of the house talked about what was going on…
“Um, so Lily, you know Lanistica best, what’s up with her?” Tespin asked.
“Well, she’s getting old, and it’s not that she’s wired differently, I just think her wires are getting crossed.” Lily sighed. “I can tell you this, though, Lanistica has always had a thing for younger men. She has a ton of picture books with her and they all have pictures of her and men on the pages.”
“Okay, I am officially creeped out…” Tespin fake shivered. “So guys, you want to tell me more about your selves?”
“Sure, I’ll go first!” Exreti giggled. “Okay, so first I’ll state the obvious. My name is Exreti and I am Traeis. I have special talent for bending the earth. I’ve lived with my birth parents my whole life as an only child. I guess I’m a pretty cheerful kid. And I’ll be honest since we’re going on a journey together-”
“What?” Tespin asked confused.
“I bet Antrio will explain that later.” Exreti said. “Anyways, I’ll tell it all. I have a really frail body. So I get sick often. Please take care of me when that shall happen. I also get addicted to my medicine quite often, so you may want to be careful of that. All my medicine is, is crushed huckleberries mixed with an ancient herb called, ‘Desimot’. It can be found anywhere with grass!”
“Okay, nice to meet you, Exreti.” Lily smiled. “You want to go next, Tespin?”
“I guess.” Tespin shrugged. “My name is obviously Tespin and I am Riais. I was born the youngest of sixteen children. I know, busy parents. Anyways, I have the ability to make air flow how I want it to, which can really help when chicks are wearing short skirts-”
“Tespin!” Lily held herself back from injuring him. “If you can’t speak nicely around the kiddo, then don’t speak at all!”
“What, I can’t help that I’m a perverted teen boy, it’s just in my natural instincts!” Tespin defended himself.
“You tell her.” Regenate held his hand up for a high five. Tespin slapped it hard and the two men laughed at Lily.
“Just get back to telling about yourself!” Lily growled.
“Okay, okay.” Tespin sighed. “Um…I’ve never been kissed!”
“That’s it, your done!” Lily growled. “Regenate, tell us about yourself.”
“I’m 23, I’m Male, I’m Retawis and I can do cool tricks with water.” Regenate stated. “If you want anything else from me, ask my buddy, ‘cause I ain’t talkin’.”
“’Kay, who’s his buddy?” Exreti questioned.
“I am, kid.” Tespin grinned. “Regenate is stubborn and kinder than he appears. He’s an only child and was raised by his father. He’s never been kissed either and-”
“Okay, my turn!” Lily interrupted. “My name is Lily, I am a plain ordinary girl who has no clue where the heck she’s come from. I am stubborn when I make decision and I will not take no for an answer. If you have problems with me, I expect you to do something about it. If doing something about it includes trying anything sexual or violent, bring a first aid kit, or better yet, a hospital along with you.”
“Ooooh, Lily is a meanie, is she?” Tespin teased.
“Tespin, one more word from your mouth and we’ll have to call in Grandma to patch up your wounds.”
“Tespin, give the pretty lady a break.” Regenate said simply.
“At least there’s a half gentleman here…” Lily muttered.
“Cookies?” Lanistica asked the small group. They all dug in and Antrio stood to get their attention.
“As Exreti mentioned, there is a quest that you shall go on.” Antrio began. “You see, being a Master is not all fun and games. You must do things for your land and keep the area safe, too. The three of you shall use your powers to search the lands to find a person who is especially great. This person can use all of the powers that have been bestowed on the people in this room. You must find this person soon, for the spirits told Lanistica that a war shall start in good time. Lanistica and I will not join you on this quest, but will be by your sides when the war comes along. Lily, our special little flower will go along with you and help in anyway she can. Is this all clear to you?”
“How will we know where to go?” Regenate spoke up.
“The spirits will tell you.” Antrio said. “Lily will be the one who speaks to them. For she has spoken to the many times before. It’s one of the perks of being raised by a Spirit controlling hag.”
“Shut your trap, Antrio!” Lanistica glowered at him.
“Yeah, yeah.” Antrio sighed. “Any other questions?”
“Yes, can I bring my bow, grandma?” Lily spoke to Lanistica.
“Of course!’ Lanistica looked shocked. “Even though you’ll be with two experienced young men to protect you, what would you do if they wanted wrong things from you?”
“Uh, yeah…” Lily said, seriously doubting that accusation. “I guess your right, grandma. I’ll make more arrows tomorrow.”
“There won’t be time.” Antrio said. “You will leave tomorrow as soon as your done packing. You can make bows on the way. I will equip you with four horses and a wagon to make your travels easier. I suggest that you two girls trade of running the two horses who will be with wagon and you two boys shall take the other horses and protect the wagon. Lily, when it’s not your turn with the horses, you can make arrows in the back.”
“Wow…” Tespin looked dreamy. “Regenate, think about all the foreign girls we’ll meet. We’ll be totally hooked up every night. Imagine when we’re heroes and the girls all flood around us…Wow…”
“Puh-lease!” Lily stood up. “You are unbearable! I’m going to bed now, don’t bother me!” Lily stormed off to her room and slammed the door. All she wanted was normal friends, not a pervert, a delinquent and a kid!
“Tespin, if things go as well as they did with Lily, you will have no girls at all.” Regenate set his foot up on the coffee table and stared off in the direction Lily had gone, a smile playing at his lips. “Good luck.”

To see what the characters look like, follow this link to |~Nemeses~ The Characters|: http://psychologyofwriting.forumotions.net/originals-f21/nemeses-the-characters-t159.htm#1255

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