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A World Of Skies

Post by Tokuori on Fri Aug 14, 2009 10:22 pm

  • Mountains, Heavy are the Mountains. But that changes with the passage of time. Sky, Blue sky. What your eyes can't see, But, What your eyes can see. The Sun, One, only one. Water, It is agreeable. Flowers, so many the same, so many without purpose. Sky, sky of red, red the color, the color I hate. The liquid flows, it drips, ripples, and pours. Blood, the secent of blood, a woman who does not bleed. From the red soil the humans come. Humans made by man and woman. City, a human creation. What are humans? Are they creations of God? Humans are that which created by humans. This is that which is mine. My life, my heart, I am a vessal for my thoughts. The entry plug, the throne of the soul. Who is this? This is me, Who am I, What am I. I am I. This object that is. Is myself that which forms is me. This is the self that can be seen. In yet that this is not that is myself. Strange feeling, my body if it is melting. I can no longer see myself, my floor, my shape, Faith from whom. Awareness dawns, of someone who is not me, who is here, there, beyond me here.'

  • We humans destroyed our world. We polluted the waters we drank and poisoned the food we ate. The earth became uninhabitable, the exception to that was what we have come to call demons. What survivors remained fled to the skies, living off an ancient magic known as Nox Crystals. The Nox Crystals lifted entire cities from the earth to float safely above the ruin that used to be our homes. We managed to save a forest or two, even a vast desert with a lush oasis in its center. And for a time it was good.
    Humanity settled into the new floating foundations and grew, taking for granted the safety that the Nox provided. One for every levitating island, the bigger the mark the bigger the crystal. A year has passed since the island named Lindaria crumbled to the uninhabitable waste land below and was destroyed, those who didn't die in the crash fell pray to the toxin of the earth and were forcibly mutated into demons, or else eaten by the original demons that took over the ruins in a bloody frenzy. The cries could be heard from all around and that night, was a night remembered by all who lived in the skies above.
    We have lost two islands since then, and now Delmaria grows ever closer to the ground, one of the few islands with its own water source. If we knew of a way to save our world.. it would have already been put to the test, many work tirelessly in the science city to the north to discover the reason why the Nox Crystals grow so weak, and ways to restore power to them. No one will listen to reason.. it is magic. Magic is what will save our island homes and possibly the world below. A very powerful and deep magic almost forgotten to us all.. "
    There was a thud as the man who spoke was knocked aside by a tall tan man with an unshaven bristle. "You speak the fools tongue begger. Begone with you!" His fellows jeering in agreement the elderly peasant could do nothing but lift himself from the ground and move on. Tyr Ahriman, once a noted professor in the science labs of Greys institute.. now reduced to telling stories on sidewalks for change. He had brought it upon himself they all said--speaking about magic and fairy tales when there was a serious crisis was something that simply could not be tolerated.
    The day moved on as Ahriman moved from place to place, clutching a tiny coin bag with enough money for a slice of bread and a hot bowl of soup at the nearby tavern, he would keep to himself there--the owner had already told him if he spoke out again he would be banned from ever returning. Moving inside past the loud laughter and drunken singing of guards and villagers alike, Ahirman moved to his usual quite corner, requested a paper and pen, then slowly began writing as he always did--the symbols of the Nox and calculations that would send a normal mans head reeling. The bar maid who brought his soup stole a glance at his parchments before bustling back to her work, a faint blush on her cheeks.. if she had been caught looking at them she might be reprimanded later on and thought less of.
    Ahriman sighed and went about his business, keeping to himself as much as was humanly possible in a tavern full of riled guests.
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