Stories of the Past (IC)

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Stories of the Past (IC)

Post by HeavenLeighDahl on Fri Sep 04, 2009 1:50 am

"Nana, Tell us how you met Papa." One young voice asked the woman who was sitting in an old wood rocker. The woman had her long grew hair tied back into a bun, her light blue eyes were slightly cloudy from confusion. She was eighty-four, the great grandmother of the four young children who were sitting around her. When they asked her to tell them about her husband, her eyes widened and brightened.

Suddenly, she looked a lot younger. The woman was always beautiful, and didn't look her age, even when she was sitting with her mind on nothing. If anyone were to guess her age, they'd think she was at least ten years younger.

The ten years that she'd been without her husband had been ten years of loss, ten years where the woman barely knew where she was, much less who was around her. It was the kind of life that no one would want. And yet... She seemed happy enough, like a six year old.

"I was seventeen. We were living in Riddle, it was the summer of 2009 and it was a hot one. The grass was almost a brown, though my father had managed to keep it from fully dying with a lot of work, I was supposed to marry someone else when he..."

The wedding that would change the lives of many. The families, the friends, the love of many put into one beautiful night.

Friends become lovers and lovers become friends. It's a world of love and lust, with plenty of things going on, even for a small town. As the great-grandmother of four children, Jolene will tell her family about how she met the love of her life. Even though she was engaged to another man, there was something about the new guy in town. But, there was something she didn't know. Her fiance had someone on the side. So, love doesn't always last, not when it's with the right person. But, then you find out that love at first sight can win the day.


It was the perfect summer, Jolene was sure of it. She had her car parked out front, ready to take her wherever she wanted to go, her father was working and managing to keep his nose out of her business. Her fiance was doing whatever he could, and while they couldn't see too much of each other, they still managed some time. It was warm, but, summers in Oregon could get that way.

The brunette was laid out on a blanket on the brown patched grass of her front lawn as some 90s Country music played from inside of her house. The housekeeper was a major Country fan, and Jolene would admit to liking it as well, usually. It seemed to fit the day though. Wearing a red bikini that her father had yet to see, she got plenty of stares, and just enough sun to keep her happy. Little did she know, that day would change her life.

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