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Angels [OOC]

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[size=85]This role play is intended for mature players, it will contain strong violence and possible gore in later stages of the story arc. It is important to pace posting, as this role play will be slow, and the story will only be continued ONCE or TWICE per WEEK. Please keep that in mind so that you do not jump too far and cause others to lose their place and forget the plot. [/size]

In the year 2038 a small number of people began to go through severe genetic changes that can only be explained as simple evolution of the human species. They began to grow strange appendages out of their backs which soon turned out to be large wings. Instantly the military took strong interest in these people and all of them were taken into a large underground facility in Nevada known as 'Steel Haven' were they were subject to hundreds of rigorous tests. They were found to be resistant to all known diseases and illnesses. Their bones were extremely dense and could not be broken. Even their senses were heightened to levels not thought even possible by a living creature.
After six long years, the 'Angels' as they were known, began to die. Upon their twenty-second birthday their feathers would begin to fall off and take a strange purple colour. The Angels would become extremely unwell, and their muscle tissue began to break down. It took just three weeks for all thirty Angels to die.

The Steel Haven facility was shut down and the government forgot about the Angels entirely.

Little did they know that some Angels still live.

This story will follow a small number of Angels who were never taken to the Steel Haven Facility, and try to lead normal lives. Few people alive still remember Steel Haven and those people are too scared of the government to tell a soul. As far as the public are aware, people with wings don't exist.

And of course, it's time to cover the rules. I know, it sucks, but you gotta read this part.
1. ONE character limit.
2. If you decide to leave at any time your character will be killed off and you WONT be allowed to return.
3. No one liners, I don't want a wall of text, but at least try.
4. Keep to the plot,
5. Angels CAN hide their wings under their clothes.

Now that's over we can move onto the skeletons:




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