The Inhibitors Of The Serious House

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The Inhibitors Of The Serious House

Post by Satan2.0 on Mon Sep 14, 2009 1:01 am

. : C H A R A C T E R S : . : F R O M : . : F A B L E: .
. : F A N F I C : .

Alexandra Gwyneck

Alex, Xandra, Recruit/Officer Seventy Seven.



Was bisexual, and then realizes she’s actually straight.

The Commandant

The Commandant

The Commandant, Loyal spire guards, Lord Lucien, Arfur, and Barnum.

Garth, Hammer [used to be friend], Theresa, Bartholomew [used to be friend], and anyone who hurts her friends/lover.


-Bubbly- Alex is usually always smiling and happy and hyper. She gets carried away with her enthusiasm and is known to the Commandant as annoying. She is always carrying a smile on her face and usually when she doesn’t it means something’s really wrong or she’s in a bad mood.
-Childish- She loves to play around, and will only take things seriously if the Commandant tells her to. She’s usually jumping on people, whether it be to Glomp them, hug them, “Lurv” them, and even “hurt” them. Even though with her body mass she couldn’t hurt a fly if she were to jump on one. She will run around, squeal, hide behind the Commandant, whine and pout usually all the time.
-Seductive- When she’s not being childish Alex will most likely flirt with you, and sexually tease you until you give into what she wants you to do. She usually only resorts to this if her childish behavior and annoying the Commandant until he does something doesn’t work. And given the fact she’s the only woman in the spire it works out very well for her.
-Show Off- Alex loves to show off, whether it be her magic ability or her Marksmanship, if you ask her to show you what all she’s capable of she’ll do fancy tricks and stuff until she’s satisfied with her work. Even if the people who asked to see are not, I.E the Commandant.

Alex is an excellent Marksman, she has wonderful eyesight and has the ability to shoot people from far distances, she’s no Reaver but she’s pretty damn close.
Alex is also a powerful Will user; she’s focused her will power ever since she was a child. She can use a lot of spells, her main used one is Inferno, and Force push so she can kill people around her or shove them back so she can lodge a bullet in their brain. It’s believed she’s stronger then Garth, but that has been left unconfirmed.

Alex sticks to rifles, she loves the shape of them, the feel of them, how powerful they are, the recoil, and she can show off her fast reload skills. She also has claimed, “I look so bad arse with this!”

You’ll learn it all in my story in due time.

Child= 4’5”
Teenager= 5’3”
Adult= 5’5”

Child= 80lbs
Teenager= 105lbs
Adult= 120lbs

14 ½ -15 = Blacksmith apprentice
15-16 = Barmaid
16-17½ = Whore
17 ½ + = Spire Guard

0-14= Bowerstone Old Town
14-14 ½ = Wraithsmarsh
14 ½ - 17 ½ = Bloodstone
17 ½ + = The Tattered Spire



TEENAGER - - WHORE - - Age 16-17½

ADULT - - SPIRE GUARD - - Age 19+

Pictures and Character are copyrighted by Me.

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Re: The Inhibitors Of The Serious House

Post by Satan2.0 on Mon Sep 14, 2009 7:06 pm

. : C H A R A C T E R S : . : F R O M : .
. : H A R R Y : . : P O T T E R : .

-They'll really only ever be played if I con my sister to play Draco-

I'm Awesome...
Now Go Away.

His Name's Zeke Ray Meditch
He's 17
His Weapons A 13inch Crooked Red Oak With Dragon Scales
And You DON'T Want To Mess With Him

Zeke was raised in a home full of Death Eaters, so he of course was raised to love the Dark Lord, and to do anything asked of him. His Brother is a very loyal Death Eater who he learned basically everything from; his family was also friends with the Malfoys. So Zeke was over at the Malfoy's Manor all the time and so the two of them quickly became best friends.

Their friendship was basically them picking on people, and beating the crap out of people just because they could. The two of them were also inseparable; they were also capable of causing a lot of chaos in just a few seconds. When not with Draco Zeke was usually with his brother, practicing Magic, and things of the like. During his time with his brother he actually received his acceptance letter, with a large smile on his face he went to Draco's place to show his best friend, though to his dismay Draco was going to go to Hogwarts. Zeke in disappointment handed over his letter from Durmstrang, thus starting a very bad year.

One day during his winter break he was at home hanging out with his brother so he could get more advice, though during their talk the Ministry came to apprehend Christian, his brother looked from the Ministry to Zeke and told him to go home. Zeke watched from a safe distance as his brother fought with the Ministry killing a couple of members before he was finally taken down by them, Zeke found himself tempted on going out to try and help his brother, but he knew he'd do the Dark Lord no good in Azkaban.

The rest of the year at Durmstrang he started to cause more trouble for people. He did more bullying and got into more fights with random students to get his anger out on people. The rest year felt like it dragged on, till finally it was time for summer, so he finally was able to see his best friend again.

During the summer of his fourth year, after Voldemort had finally come back, something unexpected happened; Zeke was given his first mission as a Death Eater. Zeke could finally prove himself worthy to the Dark Lord; he only had to do one simple thing.

Kill his father.

It was actually an easy mission; he went home that night, and acted as normal as ever waiting for the perfect chance. His dad had been talking with his mother and he walked up behind him pulled out his wand and said the two words he'd longed to say since the beginning of the day. "Avada Kedavra" his mom and he watched as his father's corpse hit the floor, Zeke actually laughed at what he'd done. He killed him so easily, was it really that simple to cause someone's death?

Needless to say he received his Dark Mark that year and felt a little powerful then usual. He of course showed Draco and told him about what he had to do explaining that his Father was losing faith in the Dark Lord; he actually enjoyed making his father an example as to why you should trust the Dark Lord.

The years seemed to have passed by fast till the day he was transferred to Hogwarts. With a large smile and excitement he started his trip to Hogwarts, he actually found himself a little disappointed when he saw Harry for the first time, recalling that he "looked bigger in the pictures…" He didn't understand how one kid could cause so much trouble for the Dark Lord, and he decided that he wouldn't mind making the boy's life harder at school.

If You Don’t Leave I WILL Avada Kedavra You.

His Name’s Christian L. Meditch
He’s 27
His Weapon Is a 13inch Red Oak With Dragon Teeth
And He’s Your Worst Nightmare

Christian Meditch was born, raised, and trained to be the Dark Lords best warrior. He doesn’t have very much emotion, only when it comes to his Brother’s safety seeing as he was the one who basically raised him. Either way Christian became a Death Eater at the age of Seven, he’d been sent by the Dark Lord to get rid of a couple of traitors who were trying to leave the Dark Lord’s services. Then by the Age of Ten he was sent to get rid of a traitor who gave birth to a new follower. He easily strode into the house and aimed his wand at the woman killing her with out even saying the words; he was a prodigy after all.

Voldemort look highly upon him, knowing that having Christian on his side would make him even more unstoppable. Christian became a high up Death eater even at a young age, any one who questioned his power, or the Dark Lord's plan of him were easily killed by the rather heartless child.

Christian received his letter from Durmstrang finally was able to attend the school, of course he already was taught everything he needed to know from his parents, but they made him attend any way, so he could carry out the Dark Lords missions as a student. Christian had easily gotten rid of people in his school, whether they were teachers or students, some were other Death Eaters who would speak badly about the Dark Lord, others were just people who happened to annoy him, or just said the wrong thing at the wrong time. No one could prove why students were missing, or even who the cause was, and those who knew instinctively kept their mouth shut in fear of what he'd do to them.

Christian went through the school years doing things he'd been told, being the best and most feared student at Durmstrang. When at home during breaks he'd usually be found in meetings with other higher up Death Eaters, or he'd be at home training his younger brother to be like him. Of course the only similarities between Zeke and Christian was brains. Christian easily was more powerful, and skilled, but in intellect the two of them were tied. When Zeke was off hanging out with his friend Christian was keeping a close eye on his parents. He noticed a lack of interest in the Dark Lord from his father but he quickly changed his opinion when he saw Christian in the room. Christian actually started to loath going home and stayed at school during all breaks but summer, where he of course had to go home.

Christian was always the top of his class, he’d gotten Outstanding everything though that was expected of him seeing as he was, as his mother and father said, a Prodigy. The perfect soldier for Lord Voldemort if there ever was one, he also proudly stood up for other Death Eaters if the time was needed, though is loyalty was only to the Dark Lord. If he ever needed to kill a Death Eater he’d been around for a long time he’d proudly do it, and not even show any emotion towards the corpse he left behind.

Like his parents wanted he showed no emotion, he neither loved nor wanted to be loved in return, he never hated, wanted, hurt, or any other emotion one could have. He was always blank, like he’d been trained to be. Some people claim it’s unhealthy for him but he’s gotten along just fine with no emotions. He actually can’t understand how people let emotions get in the way. Either way Christian had skillfully killed people left and right like told to do or like he saw fit to when the Dark Lord wasn’t around for a while.

Of course when Christian was Twenty One he had been caught by the Ministry, they’d found out what he done and decided to put a stop to him. Of course at this point he was about to teach Zeke how to use wordless magic, then they came in and ruined the entire ordeal. Christian sent Zeke away and stood at the ready to take on the members of the ministry; he’d killed a couple before he was finally taken down by them.

In annoyance he was dragged away to Azkaban, where he’d stayed for five years before he and the other Death Eaters had been broken out. With out talking to Zeke he went back to do the Dark Lord and once more started to serve him in killing people and helping him with his plans to eliminate one Harry Potter.

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Re: The Inhibitors Of The Serious House

Post by Satan2.0 on Mon Sep 14, 2009 7:34 pm

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Re: The Inhibitors Of The Serious House

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