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Aerissa's Creations

Post by Aerissa on Wed Sep 16, 2009 3:13 pm

Times Have Changed

In a crowd of lonely people,

Walking through the lonely streets,

I think of what the world once was,

And what it's come to be.

People used to take the time,

To spare a smile and hello.

Now such times are just a lie,

Everyone is simply go go go.

You used to know your neighbor's name,

He could even become a close friend.

Now he's just another face,

In this sea that never ends.

Once upon a time,

maybe not so long ago,

the worst that we could do

was pierce a heart with an arrow and bow.

But the times they keep on changing,

bringing violence and chaos into our midst.

With just the push of a button,

we can turn thousands into bits.

Don't tell me you can't see,

No one can be so blind,

so next time you pass a stranger on the street,

keep this in mind.

One simple smile,

Can brighten up a day.

Take the time to slow it down,

Think of what's been thrown away.

(I originally thought this up for a poetry contest. Dunno if it's done well yet, the contest is still running. Anyway, this poem is about how much the world has changed. It used to be that everyone was friendly, towns were small, you knew your neighbor like a friend, and stuff of that sort. Now everyone is too wrapped up in the violence of the world and their own ways. :3 So this poem is sort of like a tribute to that .) Sweat (This is all I'll post for now though.)
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Re: Aerissa's Creations

Post by Excalibur on Wed Sep 16, 2009 5:30 pm

=( so sad and true...
but the poems very good =P i like!
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