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Post by Veritas on Fri Aug 07, 2009 2:17 pm

I wanted to post my favorite poem, I hope that you enjoy it I knwo that I do. But I have to make a small confession that sharing this scares me to death. But it would be a shame to keep it all to myself and have it not see the light of day.

Blood in the Streets

All the fighting oozes into our T.V. screens with the acidity of the climate,
me and my umbrella both eaten away.
Smiling hides the shadows lurking in my eyes as you fling bombs of words, leaving the shrapnel in our hearts.

It is everyone you're burning with you torch of justice.
It is everything you are tearing away and not the target of your mouth.

I can't sleep for the sound.
I'm not sleeping, for the ringing in my ears, of your mouth.
I'm so tired, everywhere I see the destruction of your world.
I'm caught in the aftershock,
because I love you so much.
I'm caught in the crossfire, with my lonely red cross.
I'm running with the blood in the streets.
Standing against its tide.
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Re: Poetry

Post by redserpent on Sun Aug 09, 2009 4:14 pm

Very nice =)
I was a little shaken by "everywhere I see the destruction of your world" because it seemed a little more blunt than the rest, but I liked the aftershock line. Actually, pretty much everything after that too, haha^^
Well done.
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